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Student Help: Proctorio in Canvas

Proctorio is a free online exam proctoring service that can be attached to quizzes to deter cheating. Depending on the exam settings, Proctorio can monitor during exams by recording video, audio, or screen activities. 


  • To use Proctorio, you MUST be working in a Google Chrome browser with the Proctorio Extension installed.

See the following dropdown options for help using Proctorio.

How do I download the Proctorio extension?

To enable Proctorio, you will need to use the Google Chrome browser. To install Chrome on your computer, go to the Google Chrome website.

Once you're using Chrome, go to http://getproctorio.com to download the extension. You can also view the Get Proctorio Video for a walkthrough.

After it has downloaded, you should see the shield icon in your browser extensions.

How do I take an exam with Proctorio?

To take your proctored exam as assigned by your instructor, first click on the quiz that have been assigned to complete. Ensure that you have the necessary equipment and requirements for your exam. This information can be found below the name of the exam.

Read the instructions that come with exam. When you are done reading, click "Take the Quiz".

Read the Proctorio instruction on the next page. Make sure you understand which information will be collected while you are taking the exam and the resources you are allowed to use. Failure to provide necessary information or use resources that are not allowed may cause you to fail the exam.

Click on the button below that says "Start exam pre-checks" to test if your equipment is functioning normally.

Once everything is working you are able to take the exam.


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Proctorio Resources

If you encounter any issues with Proctorio, rather than approaching your online instructor, Proctorio has provided resources to solve a majority of issues students can experience and that are available at all hours of the day. 

  • Live Chat (via the Chrome extension)
  • Email: hello@proctorio.com
  • Toll free phone: +1 866 948 9087
  • Local additional phone: +1 480 428 4076

Additional Help

If Proctorio responds to help issues saying it has something to do with course settings or an I-Learn error, the issue can then be taken to the Remote Proctoring Team on campus at 208-496-1767 or RemoteProctoring@byui.edu.